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13 Essential Principles for Assessment Buyers

13 Essential Principles for Assessment Buyers


Why Assessments?

  • 10% Greater Overall Goal Achievement
  • 28% Higher Engagement
  • 64% Greater Improvement in Quality of Hire
  • 2x Improvement in Cost per Hire

Why Us?

  • Easily Customized
    Job Match Patterns
  • Measure the Total Person
  • Multiple Languages and Localized Validation
  • Flexible Buying Options
  • Dedicated Client Service Team
  • Easy Online Delivery System
  • No Special Training
  • EEOC, ADA, DOL and Civil Rights Act Compliant

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  • Best Practices for hiring
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Accelerating onboarding
  • Targeting developmental needs
  • Aligning talent with business needs
  • Improving Manager Communication
  • Reducing workplace conflict
  • Reducing theft and absenteeism
  • Improving sales performance
  • Improving customer service
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Video: John Bradford, Senior Vice President of Training and Consulting Services, describes how we support the employee life cycle.

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