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What You Lose When You Try to Save Money on Employee Assessments



describe the imageWhat You Lose When You Try to Save Money on Employee Assessments

Do you know what you really lose when you try to save on corporate assessments? Dr. Kurt Hulett’s new white paper will tell you! Read “What You Lose When You Try to Save Money on Employee Assessments” and learn why, without using assessments, your company could lose a lot more than it tried to save.

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Job Fit: The Power of the Right Person


describe the imageJob Fit: The Power of the Right Person

When you place people in jobs where the demands match their own abilities, where the stimulation offered by the work matches their interests, and where cultural demands align with their personalities, turnover will decrease while productivity increases dramatically.
Download – Job Fit: The Power of the Right Person.

Easily Execute Employee Engagement


describe the image

Easily Execute Employee Engagement

If you know anything about management, you know how important employee engagement is to the workforce. We’ve highlighted the most important facts, statistics, and valuable insights from companies and leaders, and packaged them into a cool, interactive presentation.

Employee Engagement in the Modern Workforce


describe the imageEmployee Engagement in the Modern Workforce

With only 1-in-3 employees engaged, the modern workforce is costing American businesses $300 billion a year! Download “Employee Engagement in the Modern Workforce” to learn about the five generations that make up your workforce, and what really engages each one of them.

The Executive’s Guide to Succession Planning



describe the imageThe Executive’s Guide to Succession Planning

An effective succession plan can guarantee the future success and longevity of an organization. It’s crucial for executives and managers to learn how to identify critical positions in their companies, and understand how to effectively identify and assess potential successors.

No Succession Plan? No Success!



Succession eBook

No Succession Plan? No Success!

Effective succession planning helps companies recruit superior employees and develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare them for promotion into more challenging roles. It’s never too early to begin succession planning for the future, and it’s certainly not too late to improve your existing process.

Management: Past and Present



Management: Past and Presentdescribe the image

The words “manager” and “management” are undefinable. However, a look back through history can show how management has evolved into what it has become today.

While management has changed over the centuries, one thing has remained the same: management is people.

Mastering Management: From John Doe to CEO


describe the imageMastering Management: From John Doe to CEO

Management is, essentially, the organization and coordination of the activities of a business to achieve defined objectives. Organizations that are led by effective managers will experience low turnover, maximum productivity, a high caliber of talent, and an increase in bottom-line results.

Hitting the Mark with High Potentials


describe the imageHitting the Mark with High Potentials

High potentials consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups in a variety of settings and circumstances. While achieving superior levels of performance, they exhibit behaviors that reflect their companies’ culture and values in an exemplary manner. You may have an abundance of high-potential employees working for you. Learn how to identify them, and actualize their potential to create a high-performance workforce.

Innovating the Talent Assessment Experience: A Promising Engagement


describe the imageInnovating the Talent Assessment Experience: A Promising Engagement

There has long been the argument that as long as the assessment measures the characteristics we are intending to measure, and does so with a high degree of reliability, validity, and sensitivity, then very little else matters. However, this belief is changing. 

The field of employment and corporate assessment is not merely about building scientifically-sound tests; it’s really about better engaging people and realizing that the experience does matter—from beginning to end. It’s not enough to just assess personnel; the employee assessment process must continually engage every person in the process at the highest levels possible.

Simply put, the user experience matters.

How does a corporate assessment user’s experience impact the ability of a company to recruit or retain top talent?

Dr. Kurt Hulett’s white paper provides an in-depth discussion about the candidate’s experience from the moment they walk in HR’s doors. The document also explains the reasons for the creation of an authentic, meaningful assessment, the importance of a consultative culture, and much more.

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