2 Awesome Team Building Tips From Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III

Posted by Christina Krenek on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 07:13 AM

Sports history was made Saturday when Robert Griffin III, most commonly known as RG3, won the 77th Heisman Trophy as the Most Outstanding College Football Player in the U.S. for 2011.

Robert Griffin III, quarterback at Baylor University, is the first player in the school’s history to receive the award, and has without a doubt changed the face of the Baylor football program. Baylor University is located in Waco, Texas, home to Profiles International headquarters.  

Since the arrival of RG3, Baylor football has been more than outstanding. Last year, Griffin led the Baylor Bears to their first bowl game in 16 years. This year, the Bears had a record-breaking season with nine wins and ranked 15 in the nation. Among their victories, Baylor beat long-time rivalries Texas Tech, Oklahoma University, and The University of Texas.

However, RG3 wouldn’t have been able to achieve all of this without his teammates and coaches.

After a Baylor’s 59-42 win against Texas Tech this season, Baylor Head coach Art Briles said, “The key word is team, that's the great thing about football — it does take a group of players to win.”    

Effective teamwork and leadership are the keys to success! Here are some lessons from Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and his Baylor Bears that can apply to any team environment and organization.

Teams need to be compatible. This season, Griffin is the nation’s only player with at least 3,300 passing years and 300 rushing yards. In order to gain those yards and touchdowns, RG3 had his teammates – in particular, receiver, Kendall Wright. Every game, they worked magic on the field. Griffin and Wright “are the most prolific quarterback-wide receiver duo in program history,” and both named All-Americans from CBSsports.com.

What makes their teamwork so great? They trust each other. They know how each other operate. Griffin knows Wright will always be where he needs him, and Wright knows Griffin will always deliver the pass. To be effective in any team, you have to know who you’re working with, and be comfortable with them. First you have to know their skills, attitudes and values, so you can see how to best work together and get the job done. RG3 and Wright are a perfect example of that. Remember, team members must be compatible!

Trust your leader. Along with RG3 and his teammates on the field, the coaches on the sidelines help make up a winning team. The relationship between Griffin and his head coach, Art Briles, is a special one, built on trust and respect. During college recruiting, Griffin was offered to play for a lot of great schools – but he wanted to play under Art Briles and followed him to Baylor University. Briles saw Griffin’s star-talent, believed in him, and helped him achieve greatness – not to mention win the Heisman Trophy! Their commitment to the players and their school has made the team successful. It’s crucial for team members and their leaders to have such a trusting relationship and all work towards the same goal.

After accepting the Heisman Trophy, Griffin shared a quote from his coach, “The great coach Art Briles always says, ‘Great things only come with great effort,’ and we certainly worked for this.”

Hear more from this wonderful team player as he speaks of the win as a 'team' accomplishment and how much he attributes to his fellow players.

So take it from RG3 and his Baylor Bears, great teamwork and leadership can lead any team or organization to success.

Image credit: Baylor University

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