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Employee EngagementGuest blog by Kayla Matthews

It’s a fairly simple principle: If you go that extra mile to treat your employees with dignity and respect- erring towards reward rather than punishment- then your company will benefit.

Why Rewarding Employees Pays Off

In fact, this pearl of wisdom seems to have a noticeable and measurable impact. According to an article from USA Today, a company that does well by its employees will actually see its efforts pay dividends on a rising stock price. This is the case for a couple reasons:

  • Employees will take pride in their work, and this is fueled by rewards and their feeling of importance.
  • You’ll see a far lower turnover rate, which means that your company will spend less time training new employees.
  • You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to human resources. The more you invest in your employees, the better your bottom line will turnout.
  • Your company will spend far less on employee-related legal battles (and investors tend to scare off with the slightest whiff of a class-action lawsuit).

Overall, investors and customers will see how your company treats its employees. If your company does an excellent job at this, then you can expect your company’s image to shine — and your company’s share price to make for the moon.

So, here are a few ways that you can ensure that your employees know their HR department is looking out for them.

Help With Babysitting

If you really want to make your employees feel important, then treat them like family. In fact, the Campbell Soup Company has hit a grand slam with this tip, because they offer kindergarten and after-school programs for the kids of their employees. Even better, these programs are located onsite.

This is an amazing way to really generate employee appreciation, family values, and a glistening reputation. When those supervised youngsters get to bounce around in areas lined with a plethora of kids’ wall stickers and play areas, employees will know that they don’t have to worry about their children’s safety while at work.

Especially for the parents of these kids, that kind of a gesture goes an unbelievably long way.

Satisfy the Appetite. Win the Heart.

The saying still rings true: an army marches on its stomach…an army of employees, that is.Hiring

According to Forbes, giving away free food is a simple, yet still extremely effective way of winning the hearts of employees. If done correctly, your company can reap several major benefits using this tactic.

  • Food is always popular and appreciated. It is a stellar way to say, “Thank you. Keep up the good work!”
  • When people are hungry, they are less energetic, more irritable, and less productive.
  • Serving healthy, energy-packed food can be another way to inadvertently increase focus and empowerment.
  • Providing a centralized source of food provides a gathering point for forging relationships, meaning that employees will interact, engage, and collaborate more closely. Isolated employees aren’t nearly as productive as those who can work by leveraging teams.

A Fit Employee Is a Productive One

Healthy people tend to eat right and work out — and when people are healthy, they use fewer sick days, doctor visits, and have shorter recovery times. This, of course, is a general understanding of health and wellbeing, and it makes sense when translated into how well employees will perform.

Many companies are offering yoga, pilates, CrossFit, jogging groups, and even high-tech fitbit trackers that help employees keep up with their fitness goals.

How might this benefit a company?

  • Employees see that they’ve been given a free workout service, adding to the feeling of being appreciated.
  • Working out increases energy, and employees with high levels of energy are more likely to be driven and successful.
  • Improved self-esteem has an excellent effect on goal setting, motivation, and confidence.

In a way, providing ways to keep employees healthy and fit is almost like a less expensive, round about way of reducing medical insurance and health-related costs.

Happy Employees Make For a Happy Company

Every business is in the people business, and when people feel appreciated and important… then business goes well. Give your employees time off, a way to reduce their own life stress, a way to be more social, and an opportunity to be healthier. Doing so isn’t an overhead cost; it’s an investment.

Going that extra mile can have tremendously powerful, positive effects on morale that can take your company to the next level.

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