Who Are You Really Hiring? 10 Shocking HR Statistics

Posted by Aoife Gorey on Wed, Mar 21, 2012 @ 08:04 AM

Sometimes words can't do justice to the importance of pre-employment screening. The statistics below describe, in further detail, the kinds of workplace risks that pre-employment screening will help you avoid.

HR Statistics: False Information

1. 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.

2. 49% of the 3,100 hiring managers surveyed had caught a job applicant fabricating some part of his/her resume.

3. 34% of all application forms contain outright lies about experience, education, and ability to perform essential functions on the job.

4. 9% of job applicants falsely claimed they had a college degree, listed false employers, or identified jobs that didn't exist.

5. 11% of job applicants misrepresented why they left a former employer.

HR Statistics: Bad Hires

6. Negligent hiring cases have had verdicts costing up to $40 million.

7. The average settlement of a negligent hiring lawsuit is nearly $1 million.

8. Employers have lost more than 79% of negligent hiring cases.

9. It costs $7,000 to replace a salaried employee, $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee, and $40,000 to replace a senior executive.

10. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the first year’s potential earnings.

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These 13 principles provide a comprehensive framework outlined by the United States Department of Labor for conducting an effective personnel assessment program.

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