Is Your Staff Bored and Unproductive? 4 Tips for Employee Motivation

Posted by Aoife Gorey on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 @ 08:14 AM

Guest Post by Nadia Jones

It’s simply a part of most people’s job to feel pockets of boredom throughout the day. However, if employees seem exceptionally bored, become much less productive, or seem to feel frustrated, then it may be time to check in as a manager.

It’s true that your employees are there to get the job done, whether that is boring to them or not, but it’s also true that your job as a manager is to make sure that you are creating an efficient and enjoyable workspace. If normally productive and happy employees seem to be dragging their feet, try to see whether or not boredom could be the culprit, and try out one of these simple ways to change the pace in your office.

1. Pinpoint the Cause
If an employee comes to you because they are having trouble doing the job that they’ve done for two years with no problems, then there is a good chance they are simply tired of their current position.  But, that doesn’t mean you can just change their situation. In fact, you have to figure out why they have been feeling unproductive before you chalk it up to needing a change. Have a discussion with your employee and figure out whether they would prefer to be taking on new or different responsibilities.  If your employee seems satisfied with his current position, there may be personal factors involved. No matter what the reason, this conversation should at least give your employee a clue that his work performance is not what it used to be and that he needs to figure out why this might be.

2. Change the Tone
If you feel as though one or a few of your employees have been shot down with a case of the work doldrums, try changing the atmosphere around the office. Send out a mass email and ask your employees what they would love to do if they could do anything, or ask them which responsibilities they would prefer to do and which they wish they could hand off to other employees. Maybe if you shift the workflow around a bit, your employees may feel a second wind.

3. Encourage Productive Breaks
If you are focused on creating a modern, comfortable and efficient office atmosphere, you have probably already been thinking about ways to create nice break spaces for your employees. Everyone needs a break and you should never treat the people you work with as if they were robots. Encourage employees to take breaks, especially if workflow is designated on a project-to-project basis or you have a sizeable creative department. People need to re-energize between spurts of work and there is no reason they should not feel comfortable doing so in your office.

4. Suggest New Tasks
For any employee who is dissatisfied with his current responsibilities, you always have the option of suggesting different tasks to put on his or her plate. You could ask another employee if there is a responsibility that they would like to get off their hands and give it to an employee who is having trouble with productivity to see whether or not that makes a difference. Just make sure it is something that he or she would actually enjoy taking on before you reassign responsibilities, or you could end up with the same issue all over again.

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