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10 Interview Tips for Recent College Grads

Interiview tips

Guest blog: Abbey Perkins

If you’re a recent college grad who’s just entering the job market, you can't rely on impressive work history or significant professional experience to get your foot in the door. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Companies like hiring young people. They have new ideas, new perspectives, and, most importantly, potential. The key? Figuring out how to sell that potential.

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Employee Assessments, Sales Tips, & Workforce Strategy: Hot in HR

Job Fit: The Power of the Right Person

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The One Skill That Will Make You Better at Managing a Sales Force

improve sales

Sales strategy professor Steve W. Martin estimates that 70 percent of salespeople are born with natural skills and instincts that make them great at their jobs. While most sales managers would agree with this, it is easy to fall into the trap of using statistics such as these as an excuse to treat your entire sales force the same. Yes, your salespeople more than likely have innate traits that make them great prospectors, cold callers, and relationship builders. But the difference between managing a good sales force and managing a great sales force is in the subtleties.

How Your Morning Ritual Can Help You Kick A** in Work

company culture

There’s a famous running quote that says, “Somewhere, right now, someone is training while you are not. When you race him, he will win.” What does this have to do with business? A lot! The people on top know that if you want to be successful, you need to be working while others are not. Getting up just thirty minutes earlier in the morning could be the difference in your productivity level for the entire day.

What You Lose When You Try to Save Money on Employee Assessments

Employee Assessments

It can be easy to overlook the hidden or underlying costs of trying to save money by cutting corporate assessments from the company budget. Luckily, Dr. Kurt Hulett has extensively outlined four of the biggest costs, so you won’t have to find out first-hand. For example, hiring the wrong manager can cost a company anywhere from 15 to 27 times their base salary, when they inevitably don’t work out. And did you know, a director who was hired using an assessment system is roughly $102,500 more valuable than one who wasn’t?

Manager Giveth, Manager Taketh Away—2 Ways to Increase Performance

Increase Performance

Perhaps you have heard of Ivan Pavlov, the Russian physiologist known primarily for his work in classical conditioning. He conducted an experiment in which he would feed dogs as a metronome ticked. He wrote, "A stimulus which was neutral in and of itself had been superimposed upon the action of the inborn alimentary reflex. We observed that, after several repetitions of the combined stimulation, the sounds of the metronome had acquired the property of stimulating salivary secretion." This has proven true in humans as well. What that means for you as an effective manager is, employees will repeatedly perform the positive actions if they are consistently rewarded, thus increasing performance.

Top Talent Management Bloggers and Experts to Follow

Talent management

Where do you go for content on talent management, leadership, and HR? As a social media manager and blogger in that space, people always ask me where I find the material to share and post, as well as inspiration for blog topics. Well, here it is folks, all my faves (and selections from some of my colleagues here at Profiles)… Please, share yours with me in the comment section below.

Infographic: The Best Job Fit Isn't Make-Believe


Learn what it takes to find the best job fit, as presented by the Profiles International Fairy Tale Cast! A great job fit means your employees will be more engaged. See the stages below in this infographic.

5 Tips for Creating a Team Building Culture at Work

Team Building

Creating a team-building culture starts with individual, engaged employees. Engaged employees are happier at work, get more done, and routinely go above and beyond their job descriptions. They also encourage other employees to be more engaged and productive. Most importantly, these employees are proud to be a part of their companies, and are more likely to stay long-term. There is no one simple set of actions that will create increased engagement levels. You will need to identify opportunities, simplify solutions, take action, and hold people accountable for following through with the policies you put in place.

4 Types of Difficult Employees That Drive Me Crazy

Difficult Employees

Every office seems to have that one employee who is constantly negative and demeaning. Negative employees and bad attitudes can be toxic in the workplace. Here are some types of difficult employees I have dealt with in past ten years:

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