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The Executive’s Guide to Succession Planning

Succession Planning

When employers see great potential for a future leader, they look to succession planning to turn that potential into a reality. This is a crucial process that can help identify, shape, and develop dynamic visionaries for tomorrow's business world, and can help companies establish a distinctive brand. Yet, how do employers differentiate workers who are satisfied with the status quo from employees with the capabilities to take the organization to new heights? 

Increase Employee Productivity: It’s Easier than You Think!

increase productivity

Every company wants to increase employee productivity. Instead of assuming that low productivity is primarily the fault of the employees, companies should evaluate the corporate environment. Offices can be full of distractions—probably more than you might think. There are the obvious obstacles to deal with, such as noisy neighbors and office socializing on the side—but have you thought of the less-obvious factors that could be an issue? The following are areas that can easily be turned into productivity boosters in your work environment.

When Adults Act like Children: The Dissed-Engaged Employee

Disengaged Employees

Almost every employer and effective manager knows about the three types of employee engagement: engaged, disengaged, and actively disengaged. There is, however, a mutated combination of the first and third; a strain that can infect the most productive employee, affecting teams and organizations like chicken pox at a playground: the dissed-engaged employee. Coined by Kevin Grossman in an article for TLNT, dissed-engaged employees are those outliers of productive talent engagement that have been ignored in the workplace.

No Turnover is Easy… Just Don’t Terminate Anyone

Zero Turnover

Here’s something weird: a company that never-ever, unequivocally, absolutely does not under any circumstance fire anyone, regardless of employee performance, employee potential, or employee engagement. It sounds like a terrible idea, but that’s exactly what Next Jump CEO Charlie Kim decided to do, and it’s been working ever since (just like everyone his company hires).

Why You Need to Be a Global and a Local HR Manager

HR manager

Guest Blog by Kayla Mattews

The workplace has changed immensely in the past few decades. You may work for a large global trading company, or a locally owned business. Regardless of business type or size, chances are you could be dealing with both a local and global business.

Even without offices abroad, thanks to technological advances, many employees often work with colleagues or clients in other areas of the world. Employees themselves are typically trained to fulfill duties within their specific office or geographical area. In order to manage and implement effective training and development, it’s important that HR managers remember to focus both globally and locally.

Is Female Entrepreneurship Bad for Business?

Women in the Workplace

More women are making a self-employment transition—in fact, they are starting businesses twice as fast as men—but according to a Harvard Business Review report, that may not necessarily be a good trend. The economic impact of most women’s small businesses may not be what’s best for women, their families, or the economy in the long run.

Free and Easy - So Why Not Use Recognition for Employee Motivation?

Employee Motivation

The theory of recognition for employee motivation and engagement has been around for over 2500 years. In today’s business world, however, because it is free to do and well known that you should do it, most people - especially those in management positions - do not do it as often as they should. People are constantly looking for the next best thing, forgetting about the tried and proven theories for employee motivation that have worked well in recent centuries.

Small Business Succession Planning and Sea-Turtles

Succession Planning

“Do not try to live forever. You will not succeed.”

Common Misconceptions about Succession Planning

describe the image

A lot of people have the wrong idea of what succession planning is—maybe even you. See these common misperceptions about succession planning, and find out what effective succession planning really is in No Success Plan? No Success!

Boredom Can Lead to Productivity and Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Productivity

How many times do you catch yourself scrolling through Twitter because you’re bored at work? Are you bored right now? It turns out being bored in the workplace actually boosts productivity and creativity. It seems counter intuitive, but a study by Dr. Sandi Mann has found that being bored signals the brain that it is in need of fresh, new thoughts, thus spurring productivity and engagement.

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