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A Few Things HR Won’t Let You Do With Your Tongue

Human Resources

This might be a fact that’s hard to swallow, but the tongue really isn’t the strongest muscle in the body. “Unlike other muscles, such as the bicep, tongue muscles don’t develop around a supporting bone. Rather, they intertwine to create a flexible matrix, forming what is called a muscular hydrostat; this structure is similar to an octopus’s tentacles or an elephant’s trunk,” according to Scientific American. But the tongue can do a lot of damage, and we can weave ourselves into a nasty intertwined matrix with HR if we use it incorrectly, and this can cause additional workplace conflict. There are a few things you can do with your tongue that will probably get you fired.

How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

employee engagement

Thank you, Danke, Merci, Gracias, Ευχαριστώ, Mahalo, Grazie, Hvala, Tack…so many ways to say thank you. My personal favorite, as I’m Irish - Go Raibh Maith Agat (Guh rev mah ah-gut)!

When Managers Make Mistakes

Effective Management

Even effective managers and leaders make mistakes. There are exactly one-bazillion possible choices to make on any possible issue, and only one can be the best. Bad choices are inevitable, but they’re not the end of the world (or even your company). Western Union, for example, turned down Alexander Graham Bell’s “electrical toy”, and Yahoo! didn’t fund Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s request for funding. Both of those were bad decisions, but both Western Union and Yahoo! are still doing fine.

Trending in Talent Management: Myths about HR and Sales Talent

Talent Management

Here’s what’s trending in talent management this week!

Tips to Maximize Sales Force Productivity

sales effectiveness

"Stop selling. Start helping." – Zig Ziglar

Sales representatives are the people who represent a company and sell the products or services that the organization offers. The job of a sales rep can vary greatly depending on the organization and types of products and services they sell; however, sales reps are often considered some of the most important employees within an organization. Sales equals money, so without sales, an organization would cease to exist. The importance of a company’s sales force cannot be understated in a competitive marketplace.

Five Ways to Really Screw Up Team Building

Team Building

Team building and team development is important in order to have a highly functional, productive team. However, all too often managers have the wrong idea about what team development is. There is a difference between team building and team fun. Sure, fun can be bonding—and should be enjoyed—but it is not the same as team development. In an NPR interview, Peter Brooks recounts one incident of how team fun went horribly awry, all in the name of team development:

The Salesman’s Almanac: A Forecast of Future Sales


Sales—and the role of the salesperson—is very different from what it has been for centuries. With technology shaping how and why consumers buy products, sales success is contingent on how salespeople utilize and harness the changing climate. For example, today’s salesperson has to be more of a consultant, guiding the prospect to their product.

The Flipside of Hiring Talent: Deciding Between Two Job Offers

Job Fit

Here’s a fun scenario: you’ve been asked the interview questions, shaken hands, and have received a job offer. Then another, more attractive company, offers you the same job (you lucky person you). It seems lucky, until you realize that both jobs are pretty much exactly what you want. While hiring talent is tricky, the acceptance process can be worse. Is a bird in the hand really worth two in the bush? Evaluate your options, according to

Sales Effectiveness: Stop Talking and Start Listening

Improve Communication

“Once you’ve landed the sale, it’s time to stop talking.” So says Eric Chen, business professor at the University of St. Joseph in a Fast Company article. “All you can do at this point is lose the business.” One key to effective sales is being a good listener. Listening can be advantageous, too, if the person you’re negotiating with slips and says something they didn’t intend to say. Listening is a big component of effective communication, so it translates to areas other than only sales. The article offers four tips to improve communication with skills:

Why Employee Engagement Really Matters

Employee Engagement

I recently saw two employees shirking work ignoring their duties while bragging about how good they were at their retail jobs. They even joked about customers asking for help. Not only were these employees disengaged, they were actively disengaged—intentionally causing problems for their organization through their actions. I guarantee anyone who saw them talking will not give them their business. Employee engagement is crucial to an organization’s success and difficult employees like them need to be dealt with.

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