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Employee Engagement is All About Listening

Employee Engagement

According to a recent Onion article, Josh Morris, junior sales associate at Crystalpoint Systems in Philadelphia, has stated concerns that he does not have enough job security to voice his opinion at work. “I’m still pretty low on the totem pole,” he said, “so there’s no way I’d put my job at risk by sharing what I actually think during meetings or conversations with coworkers.” He continued on to say that he dreads going into the office each day, fearing the repercussions of uttering just a single honest opinion or constructive idea. While this story is made up, others like it are playing out in businesses all over the world in various workplaces.

Trending in Talent Management

Talent Management

As the weather cools down, talent management heats up. This is what’s trending in talent management.

How to Improve Sales by Finding Problems

Improve Sales

Sales is a tough, often disappointing job. It’s literally riddled with problems—that’s just the nature of the gig. But when it goes well, it can be one of the greatest rushes in the world. In order to improve sales, successful salespeople need to understand and identify the three major problems affecting their job: business, technology, and sales. According to Forbes, not identifying all three problems will not give you the full picture, and ultimately cost you closing the deal.

5 Foolproof Ways to Retain Top Talent


Employee turnover is about more than just the emotional loss of saying goodbye to a familiar face. Recruiting and replacing an employee is an expensive process. There are the immediate costs of interviewing and training a new employee, as well as the long term harm from the loss of a top performer. We’ve all been affected at some stage in our careers by coworkers leaving for better positions, or a manager being let go. But, at a strategic level, how do you ensure you retain your very best employees?

7 Leadership Lessons and Ways to Increase Productivity from Ernest Hemingway

Effective Leadership

I’d have a difficult time telling you my favorite author. But, gun to my head, I’d have to say Ernest Hemingway. I read The Old Man and the Sea when I was nine, and I learned about perseverance. I read The Sun Also Rises when I was 22 and it helped put a nasty breakup in perspective, getting me out of a slump. In fact, emulating Hemingway (while trying to abandon some of his bad habits) is one of the reasons I really became a writer. I’ve learned a lot from the man refered to as “Tatie,” including ways to increase productivity and be a more effective leader. Even if you’re not a writer, there are some things you can glean from Hemingway’s methods.

Why Is Google the Best Place to Work?

Employee Engagement

“Google Tops Glassdoor’s 2015 Best Places to Work List.” That’s the headline of a TLNT article that says “Not only is [Google] No. 1 in the U.S. for the first time in the list’s seven-year history, but Google is also No. 1 in the UK. The company is one of only five firms to make the U.S. list all seven years.” The rankings are decided by almost 1 million anonymous evaluations from employees and former workers, ranking overall satisfaction, how they feel about the CEO and his or her leadership, and workplace attributes. It’s a big deal. If you’re the leader of a company, you may be asking yourself “How do I get on a list like that?” The answer has everything to do with company culture.

Ho Ho Hot in HR and Trending in Talent Management

Trending in Talent Management

It’s December, which means the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Yule time is upon us. This is what’s trending in talent management this week.

10 Attributes of Highly Self-Motivated People

employee motivation

Author: Sherry Perkins

In this environment of economic downturn, tightened belts, and constrained resources, managers are experiencing the need to get creative about motivating their employees, without dangling the dollar in front of them. It is a fact that tightened belts mean fewer dollars available for dangling. Even in these rough times, not much has really changed about motivating people. Most HR professionals and OD specialists agree that money never really motivated anybody. Soon after your employees receive a salary increase and calculate the increase in taxes, the excitement of the increase dissipates.

Trending in Talent Management

Talent Management

Does workplace fun really increase productivity? What about introverts, are they doomed to sit passively by, while their extroverted coworkers excel? Why do employee engagement programs fail? These are some questions we asked ourselves this year, and answered them in Trending in Talent Management.

7 Ways to Build a Winning Team

Build a Winning Team

Teamwork is probably one of the most crucial drivers of success in an organization. Of course, hiring the right group of people is important, but once you have the right people in the right positions, building a winning team doesn’t just happen organically. Like in any relationship, it takes work. These seven recommendations from can help build a winning team.

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